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Creating Wholeness

Homeopathy Orewa’s foremost mission is to gain health on all levels of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reach your own potential and wholeness through homeopathy, a gentle and effective approach to health.

Homeopathy is an effective system of alternative medicine that uses a wide variety of substances in diluted doses to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself without any side effects.

Research in the field of quantum physics has demonstrated that repeated dilutions and vigorous shaking imprints the characteristic energy pattern, or blue print of the original substance onto the water in which it is diluted. Remedies given in this dynamic form assist the body to gain the energy and ability to support and maintain good health.

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About Ute Engel and Homeopathy Orewa

Ute is a classical homeopath based in Silverdale.

Ute was attracted to homeopathy because of its holistic approach to long-term good health. . She had experience with homeopathy first hand for sleeplessness, relationship issues and grief. In her practice she has assisted children and adults to gain health.

Ute is passionate about homeopathy. She is a compassionate listener and caring homeopath who is focused on the wellbeing of her clients. She completed a 4-year diploma course in classical homeopathy in 2008 at the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. She is a registered homeopath with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths and the Natural Health Council (NZ) Inc. Ute is a result-orientated professional, committed to the wellness of her clients.

Ute’s experience in alternative health, nutrition and personal growth spans over 30 years. Ute graduated from Reiki level I and II in 1986 and 2003 respectively.

As a practitioner, Ute follows the Code of Ethics of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths and guarantees strict confidentiality.

How homeopathy works

Homeopathy is an effective form of alternative medicine which offers holistic health support for emotional as well as physical wellbeing.

Homeopathy was discovered more than 200 years ago and focuses on individual symptoms relating to a person as a whole as well as taking specific conditions into consideration.

Homeopathy can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies and can assist in recovery from operations, injury and shock.

What to expect from your homeopathic consultation

Ute provides homeopathic consultations from her home clinic, Homeopathy Orewa, in Silverdale on the Hibiscus Coast.

As homeopathy deals with the whole person and not only with a single condition, consultations take into account various aspects of your life, family history and past medical conditions as well as your actual complaint. This in-depth consultation allows an understanding of you as a ‘whole’ person and is necessary, as all your symptoms and personality traits have to be closely matched to one single remedy.

  • The initial consultation for an adult begins with an 1½ hour appointment, children’s appointments are 1 hour.
  • A follow-up appointment is usually made for 3-4 weeks afterwards and lasts about 30-60 minutes. This appointment allows Ute to assess the effect of the remedy and evaluate if a repetition or different remedy is needed. It is essential to keep in close contact with the clinic so that any changes can be appropriately assessed.


In addition to homeopathy, Ute also offers Reiki from her clinic in Silverdale, Hibiscus Coast.

Reiki is a Japanese energy balancing technique which reduces stress and promotes relaxation as well as feelings of peace and wholeness.



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The benefits of seeing a qualified registered homeopath

It is recommended to see a qualified registered homeopath to ensure your homeopathic remedy is individually tailored to your specific symptoms, so as to maintain optimum health.

Ute is passionate about supporting her clients in their wellness journey.

Ute generally consults from her home clinic in Silverdale, Hibiscus Coast, but can arrange house visits for a homeopathic consultation.

To make an appointment or any general enquiry about homeopathy, please call or email

022 301 2681



How can homeopathy help with your health problems?

Homeopathy can assist in maintaining optimum health.

Homeopathic remedies are natural and free of chemicals. They can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies and can assist with recovery from operations, injury and shock.

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Homeopathy can assist with most health issues including:

First aid:

  • Burns
  • Bites
  • Bruising
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Shock
  • Wounds
  • Sunburn

Acute complaints:

  • Ear infections
  • Coughs
  • Colds
  • Indigestion
  • After effects of radiation
    and chemotherapy
  • After effects of dislocation of joints
  • Pain relief
  • Panic attacks

Children’s issues:

  • Behavioural problems
  • Learning disabilities
  • Anger management
  • ADD
  • Autism
  • Recurrent ear infections

Chronic complaints:

  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Warts
  • Abscesses
  • Tendonitis
  • Indigestion
  • Psorisis

Female issues:

  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause and PMT
  • Candida
  • Cystitis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Infertility
  • Heavy and painful menses
  • Cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Prolapse
  • Vaginitis

...and more. to arrange a homeopathic consultation.




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